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The pilot shortage isn’t going away. How will we recruit and retain the next generation of students after Covid-19?

With multiple COVID-19 vaccines on the horizon and the air transportation industry poised for recovery, attention will soon turn once again to the enduring pilot shortage.

VR and gamification are set to transform training and education in 2021

Why #VR tech is key to remote talent development and Learning From Home  The year 2020 will be remembered for many things: coronavirus, Brexit, Biden… and the start of a true work from home revolution.  

UK EdTech sector grows to £3.5bn as demand surges for digital classrooms and AR

UK #EdTech sector grew by 72% in 2020 – with further growth forecast this year amid Spring Term school closures  Lockdown measures and mandatory school closures in 2020 led to an explosive 71.5% growth of the UK’s education technology sector (edtech) – in spite an -11% contraction in GDP (as of November 2020).


Curve theatre will support home-schooling during the third national lockdown with a brand new educational initiative, Curve Classroom.

Multimillion Pound Saving for the FE Sector as Colchester Institute wins seven-year VAT dispute with HMRC

@ColchesterInst has won a seven-year dispute with @HMRCgovuk, in a decision of the Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery Chamber) on 22nd December 2020. The case centred on whether HMRC’s interpretation and application of the Lennartz accounting method was correct, specifically on what was deemed “non-business” activity and whether output value added tax (VAT) was accountable. The Upper Tribunal’s verdict was clear: no activity was “private” or “non-business” use and, as such, no output tax was accountable. 

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