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Reassessing the UK’s tech skills shortage

The UK is facing an ongoing shortage of skilled talent in the tech sector. Expanding educational opportunities in tech is one crucial way to address this shortage. Therefore, the Chancellor’s announcement of extra funding for T Levels and apprenticeships in the recent Autumn Budget is welcome news.

Getting to grips with the UK’s digital skills crisis

The UK’s digital skills crisis is swiftly becoming the most significant threat to the future success of our tech industry. 

The UK’s road to net zero is impossible without a major reskilling programme

The UK Government can achieve #NetZero emissions without compromising economic prosperity, as advances of the last decades have put climate neutrality within reach. However, laying the foundation with appropriate practices, regulations and training to reach net zero in the next decade will be critical to achieving this goal.

The 2021 Young Activists Summit #YAS21 honours six young activists at the United Nations in Geneva

Marking World Children’s Day, the third edition of the Young Activists Summit - ‘New Generation, New Solutions’ - gathered local students in the room and participants from all around the world online. #YAS21 offered them a platform to youth to take action for the environment and their rights, and saw the launch of the ‘One Right, One Action, One Tree’ initiative.

West and North Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce are Raising the Bar - talking about going green and acting on it

@WNYChamber - In mid-November, recognition was given to businesses who strive to enhance the environment and community in which we live through the Raising the Bar Make a Pledge campaign.

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