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Schools are wasting £484m on paper each year, the equivalent of nearly 3 million Chromebooks*

New UK research commissioned by Kami (@usekamiapp), the leading digital classroom application, today reveals that teachers remain heavily reliant on paper for in-classroom teaching, spending an incredible £484 million a year* on printing out worksheets and hand-outs.

Universities and Colleges are betting on the ‘bots’ to beat the Covid pinch

Universities and Colleges up and down the country are facing a watershed moment. A rapid transition to online learning against a backdrop of financial insecurity has contributed to a testing year for the sector. 

The importance of digital literacy in academic progress

One of the biggest impacts the pandemic has had on education is to highlight the lack of familiarity with technology for both teachers and students as they were forced to learn remotely.

The bubble system has ended: What do education providers need to do now?

#FreedomDay: Change of Covid-19 restrictions  The government has announced the end of the bubble system in schools as of today (19 July 2021), in recognition of the fact that the requirement for whole bubbles to self-isolate for 10 days following a single positive case of Covid-19 was causing disruption to many children’s education.

Can Hybrid Learning Work for Gas Safety Training Programs Post Pandemic?

The COVID-19 pandemic changed how everything worked around the world. We saw a drastic shift from brick and mortars systems to online businesses. Everything went digital in almost every industry. Those who couldn't be flexible or adapt to this change were shut down or went bankrupt.

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Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter 2 days ago

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