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GSCE & A Level fiasco - What can schools and colleges do if faced with bad publicity?

With the #GSCE and #ALevel fiasco making front page news, schools, colleges, universities and their governors are increasingly facing threats of bad publicity in relation to action that has been taken or, in some cases, not taken  What can be done if an educational establishment or its officials are faced with allegations and the threat of bad publicity, especially if this is harmful, may cause long-term damage or is simply wrong?

David Price OBE discusses The Power of US - The future of education and work in a post-Covid World

@DavidPriceOBE launches new book "The Power of Us: How we connect, act and innovate together"  This book launch has an interesting time being during the Corona Crisis, Gavin @FENews took the opportunity to chat with David about what the education system, the future of work and what we can learn from the current world situation:

Nicky Morgan on resilience, university fees & the education system

Baroness Morgan of Cotes PC (@NickyMorgan01), British Politician and former Secretary of State, shares her view on resilience, the importance of character building, the education system, and what challenges she may face embarking on a new journey.

Permanent Secretary Jonathan Slater will leave his post over ‘mutant algorithm’ exam fiasco

Susan Acland-Hood made Acting Permanent Secretary @EducationGovUK  Jonathan Slater (@PermSecDfE) will conclude his service at the Department for Education on 1 September.

Boris Johnson and the ‘mutant algorithm’

Commenting on @BorisJohnson's statement to students this lunchtime, in which he referred to grades being derailed by a “mutant algorithm" during this summer's exams fiasco, 


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Dyspraxia Lambeth had a status update on Twitter yesterday

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