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The Youth Group announced today that it has appointed Oliver Wyman (@OliverWyman) as lead advisor to support with its creation of the Youth Bank, an accessible and transparent 14-24-year-old-only digital bank.

The Youth Group, EYC Global and Digital Notion announce the “Digital Notion Academy”

Youth-first enterprise The Youth Group (@TheYouthGroupUK), talent development firm EYC Global and software company Digital Notion have partnered to produce “Digital Notion Academy,” an innovative online training programme for young people seeking training in the digital sector. 

Jack Parsons Listed In Top 15 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch

Founder & CEO of The Youth Group (@TheYouthGroupHQ) @JacksonRParsons has been listed in Great British Entrepreneur Awards’ 15 Young Entrepreneurs to Watch 2021, in partnership with Starling Bank.

The Youth Group & The Kickstart Scheme

Why @JacksonRParsons and @TheYouthGroupHQ became involved in the Kickstart scheme In September 2020 the Government announced the launch of the Kickstart scheme, a £2 billion employment programme intended to create thousands of new jobs for young people. The scheme is funded by the government, allowing businesses across the country to provide employment opportunities to young people. The scheme offers six month work placements sponsored by the government, but the goal of the scheme is not just to support jobs for six months, but to create sustainable jobs that will remain viable after the period of government funding ends.

What skills do young people really need?

Today, young people worldwide are finding it increasingly difficult to enter the workforce, let alone thrive within it. Currently, global youth unemployment stands at a shocking 75 million, and that number is still increasing. Over the last 20 years, with the modernisation of the world and workforce alike, soft skills — the competencies, behaviours, and personal qualities that enable people to work with others, achieve their goals, and navigate their environment with confidence — have become more important than ever.

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