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1 in 3 students dice with debt to pay rent at university

Students struggling for money are taking on more debt to stay afloat at university A third of undergraduates are using loans, overdrafts and credit cards to pay rent at university, the National Student Accommodation Survey 2020 has found. Some are even taking out payday loans to pay their landlords.

Students spend £807 a month on living costs at university, and most of it goes on rent

It’s getting more expensive to go to university – not because of tuition fees, but because living costs have gone up around the UK. According to the National Student Money Survey 2019, students now spend an average of £806.62 each month. That’s £37pm more than in 2018.

90% of students battle housing nightmares including rats and no water

Research reveals the shocking conditions of student accommodation across the UK, and the effects on those who have to live in it.

Parents cough up £138.50 every month to plug student finance gap

University students depend heavily on parents for financial support as the maintenance loan falls short, the National Student Money Survey 2018 has revealed.


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