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New dedicated helpline to report covid-19 in educational settings

@EducationGovUK launch a new service so that schools, colleges or early years settings can report any positive covid-19 cases. 

Early intelligence shows “confidence in action” as 99% of schools open

During his press conference yesterday (9 Sept), the Prime Minister @BorisJohnson said that around 99 per cent of schools are open and the signs are that attendance has started well, describing the picture as “confidence in action”.

Legislation amendment will allow more redundant apprentices to complete their apprenticeships

Apprentice Redundancy Support Service  Currently the Education and Skills Funding Agency continue to fund apprentices to complete if they are made redundant within six months of their final day of training.

Helping pupils catch up on the time they missed

Helping pupils to catch up on the time they spent out of the classroom is important to make sure the long lasting effects of the pandemic are minimised. That’s why we have launched a £1 billion Covid catch up package that is made up of a £650m catch up premium to help schools support all pupils, and a £350m National Tutoring Programme for disadvantaged students aged 5 to 16.

Fighting for an education - Panorama on #SEND provision



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