Articles from Kerry Boffey

Implementing strategies to improve retention will always be the key to becoming a high performing training provider

It used to be said that inspections of training providers could be ‘won and lost on your data’ and that data ‘told the story of performance’ and better still, ‘numbers are easy to measure’. You could play the ‘always’, ‘sometimes’, and ‘never’ game with those statements but certainly data does project a high element of truth even if it may occasionally not completely tell the whole story.

SEND and High Needs, Have Your Say: Improving opportunities and life chances for our most vulnerable learners

A potential measure of an advanced modern society may be viewed as to how well that society supports and encourages the most vulnerable of its citizens to improve the quality of their life and achieve their full potential.

Maximising Study Programmes to develop learners’ employability skills

Maximising Study Programmes to develop learners’ employability skills, calculation and communication competencies to equip them with the abilities to succeed in the workplace and in life.

Taking work experience for Study Programme learners to the next level……and with support is certainly a deliverable and achievable objective

How many times have you read Ofsted reports that state that ‘There are inconsistencies across the college/training provider in its’ management and delivery of work experience within Study Programmes’

Putting work experience and the development of employability skills at the heart of Study Programmes

The Education and Training Foundation, through their partner organisation the Adult Learning Improvement Network, recently staged three highly successful dissemination events to share the findings from the Study Programme – Work experience readiness project. These events provided colleges, training providers and other interested parties with the opportunity to hear about the project's research findings, consider best practice in securing successful work experience and the importance of having a 'business' approach to putting 'work experience;' at the heart of study programmes.