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Adults can't get better qualifications if we don't remove the barriers to education

It’s brilliant to hear Alex Stevenson (@LWalexs) from @LearnWorkUK talking about the importance of adult education, especially for essential skills like English and maths.

Removing barriers to adult education: supporting the recovery of our workforce and increasing personal development

“Education is seen as the key to boosting social mobility, but there are still persistent attainment gaps between those from disadvantaged and better-off backgrounds at all stages of schooling.” (Social Mobility Commission, 2020).  

How Will You Do Things Differently? Inspiring Adult Learners to Re-enter Education

I wanted to write a letter directly to adult learners because I believe all companies must put their focus on inclusivity and how to welcome people back to education. An “apprenticeship guarantee” for young people is a fantastic thing. We should absolutely be providing every opportunity we can to younger learners and new graduates to prevent scarring their future prospects. However, with 80% of the 2030 workforce already working today, reskilling our existing workforce will be essential to our recovery moving forward.

Neurodiversity: How to Facilitate Learner Progress through Evidence-Based Support

My introduction to neurodiversity was when I was diagnosed with dyslexia at university. The term “neurodiversity” is used to describe the cognitive diversity of the human brain. It acknowledges the fact that we all think differently. The human brain is really complicated, it is the most complex structure in the known universe. There are about one quadrillion synapses in the brain. This structure of synaptic connections is so specific to each person that no human who has existed, or will ever exist, will have that same structure.

Cognassist and Bud collaborate for greater efficiency and security for customers.

@CognAssist are proud to announce the launch of their new integration with @wearebud This is the first integration that we have implemented with a learner management system and it will greatly improve the efficiency and security around the exchange of learner data between Bud’s customers and Cognassist.


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