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Industry bodies and providers unite to prompt UK government agency @ESFAgov to avoid funding hurdles for apprentices identified as neurodiverse  ESFA (Education and Skills Funding Agency) has confirmed that it will continue to support funding for individuals identified as having hidden learning needs upon enrolment to apprenticeship programmes, following an appropriate assessment.

Preventing Apprentice Drop Out: Let’s take action!

#NoLearnerLeftBehind - Welcome to the first @FENews #Livestream in conjunction with @CognAssist  We all know that learner dropout is a serious issue. Approx 35% of Apprentices drop out. The big question is, how do we prevent apprentices from dropping out?

How can we prevent apprentices dropping out and improve outcomes?

Consistently high dropout rates for UK apprenticeships cast a disappointing shadow on our desire to improve positive outcomes in the sector. And now is the time to ask ourselves if apprentices are really getting enough support on programme.

Accessibility statements missing from a third of the UK’s top 50 apprenticeship providers

Less than half of #apprenticeship providers found to be #DisabilityConfident say @CognAssist  Despite new regulations that public sector organisations have a duty to ensure website and apps meet accessibility requirements by 21st June 2021, a new investigation has uncovered a lack of published accessibility statements among the UK’s top 50 apprenticeship providers.

Exploring Neurodiversity Podcast – Implementing Inclusivity to support Neurodiverse Learners

Welcome to Episode 4 and the final instalment of the #ExploringNeurodiversity podcast, a co-produced podcast mini-series brought to you by @FENews and @CognAssist.

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