Articles from The World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE)

Social and emotional learning in education - Meeting young people’s life challenges​

 Dr Leila Khouja Walker, Educator, Researcher and Co-Founder of Persona Education discusses the importance of social-emotional learning for secondary students in light of the pandemic

Social and emotional learning in education – why is it important?

Aparna Ramanathan, an alumni member of the World Innovation Summit for Education (WISE) Edtech Accelerator, discusses the need for social and emotional learning in education and how Qatar has started to introduce this in the classroom As young people grow up and their brains change, they are also faced with new ideas and influences that will shape who they become. With the overwhelming impact of technology now, kids today experience this more acutely than ever before.

Top Five strategies to foster collaboration for effective learning ecosystems

Learning does not happen exclusively in schools – yet the formal education system still bears most of the responsibility for students’ education.

The power of Collective Intelligence: Cultivating knowledge-sharing for systemic change

The power of collective intelligence can move mountains. At its simplest, collective intelligence is the process by which a large group of individuals gather and share their knowledge, data, and skills for the purpose of solving societal issues . Harnessing this power can lead to the emergence of the greatest innovations.

Post-Pandemic Learning: A Chance to Re-evaluate what Higher-Education Means

There has been a great deal of apprehension around the recent changes made in education as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, this next era of education could be an incredibly exciting one as it will require us to go beyond our ideas of resilience, and instead begin to lay the groundwork for the types of change that have long needed to occur.

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