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HKF celebrating success with alumni winning national awards

The Helena Kennedy Foundation (@theHKF) celebrated the success of two alumni, Kirsty Young and Rosie Wainwright, securing national awards Return to Learning and Outstanding Individual Award at the Festival of Learning 2021. 

The ‘first-gen’ experience: a reflection from a previous HKF bursary winner – Jake Marshall

@TheHKF - At the time, my earlier years of education felt normal. Just like the rest of the students in my area, I was learning a well-trodden curriculum in the backdrop of a seaside town. Life felt easy, problems appeared small and the world outside of my town’s bubble seemed non-existent. Fairly naïve in thought, I began to contemplate the ‘university or to not university’ question in 2014. While scrutinising this decision with my family, I ironically unravelled what I didn’t have access to. At this  I was consequently introduced to the term ‘first-gen’. A ‘first-generation’ student, in my context, can be defined as a student whose parents did not attend university. Chucking in a middle-income household plus a town with the lowest access rates to higher education in the country, the burden became significant. It meant that I didn’t always have access to the educational resources I would have liked. It meant that I often felt undeserving to be learning amongst students from more privileged backgrounds. It meant that my parents were unable to understand my Harvard referencing stresses.

Former bursary winner walks to raise a bursary

Former HKF winner Kirsty Young, a mum of four children from Bridlington stepped out to raise £500 towards a bursary in April.  She walked for two hours every evening for 50 consecutive days.

Helena Kennedy Foundation Financial bursaries now open - Closing date 30th April

The Helena Kennedy Foundation is now accepting applications for the 2020 Financial bursaries(worth up to £2250) 

Helena Kennedy Foundation still providing the key to the door of education after twenty-one years

This month sees the twenty-first anniversary of the founding of the Helena Kennedy Foundation, the independent educational and social justice charity.

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