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Three things we learned from the latest labour market statistics and what they mean for cities and large towns across the country

Local labour markets have been affected in different ways by Coronavirus, calling for locally tailored recovery policies around employment and skills

Highest Rate of Apprenticeship Starts: Exeter awarded City of Apprenticeships status!

Exeter Officially Best City in England for Apprenticeships - #NAW2020 The City of Exeter has received national recognition for its exceptional recruitment of Apprentices. In a period where Apprenticeships starts have fallen, Exeter has bucked the national trend to sit at the top of the league table of the nation’s cities.

Delivering change in disadvantaged places must start with skills policy

Five things to watch in 2020 that could help break the low-skilled equilibrium in disadvantaged places We enter the 2020s as a country divided by geography and economics.

General election 2019: Appraising the parties' adult education promises

#GE19 - Political parties all agree on the importance of adult education, but the next step is to ensure it works While they may disagree on the best way forward, it is positive to see all political parties committing to an increased focus on adult education and lifelong learning. As I wrote previously, the labour market is in continuous evolution and two-thirds of the future 2030 workforce have already left compulsory education.

Cross-party, long-term commitment to adult education and lifelong learning key to reengaging ‘left behind’ people and places

#Brexit will play a central role, but closing the adult skills gap in left behind places should be key to this general election While Brexit will play a central role in this general election, it is the deeper economic concerns that drove the ‘Leave’ vote that politicians must urgently address, one of the most important of these is the adult skills gap.


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FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter yesterday

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FE News: The Future of Education News Channel had a status update on Twitter yesterday

City of London Corporation provides Square Mile schoolchildren with food vouchers during half term break:…
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