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Last chance saloon means subcontracting rules for the sector must be tightened up

Clearer expectations for the lead contractor of a government funded skills programme should be set out and complied with as the way of ensuring integrity in the subcontracting arrangements that are commonplace in the further education and skills sector.

How Australia’s vocational education and training #VET sector is delivering skilled workers for a stronger economy

What an AELP delegation learnt Down Under Last month, AELP led a UK skills delegation to Australia sponsored by NCFE and with valuable assistance on the itinerary provided by Kerri Buttery of VETNexus.

Emerging economies are increasingly recognising the role that independent training providers and vocational skills education can play in meeting skills needs

Emerging economies making more use of Independent Training Providers to improve skills, joint British Council / AELP research finds Countries in sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia are increasingly recognising the importance of vocational skills education as a driver of socio-economic development and the role that independent training providers (ITPs) can play in helping business growth, national productivity and in eliminating poverty.

AELP Top 4 priorities for the 2019 General Election Manifestos

AELP Recommendations for the 2019 General Election Manifestos AELP has responded to the calling of a general election on 12 December 2019 by publishing a one-page summary of our most important recommendations which we would like to see included in the political parties’ election manifestos.

Party conferences and the ‘forgotten 50%’

Is the FE and skills sector really going to be ‘supercharged’ by the current government or a new government after the expected general election? For all the positive noises made at the three main party conferences over the past month, it is a reasonable question to ask.


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