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You Need a Job to go back to – Now Is the time to be Flexible and Work with your Employer!

I have had the pleasure of helping over 40 businesses in the past three weeks with my business surgeries.

Furloughed Staff and New Apprentices

There are apprenticeship providers out there that are I believe trying to do the right thing but trying to do the right and it being the right thing are two different sides of the same coin. I applaud creativity and innovation, and I welcome businesses in these times re-designing to ensure survival and generation of revenue. The apprenticeship providers that are currently marketing apprenticeships to staff that have been furloughed need to take a step back and think about the wider picture – holistic thinking!

Reforms to subcontracting for learners over 16

Government consultation With all of the ‘Consultations’ that are out at the moment, all have been extended due to COVID-19 apart from the reforms to subcontracting for learners over 16 consultation, call me a cynic but, it seems clear that the die is cast by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) regarding their implementation of what was set out in the consultation. The ESFA clearly have a ‘bee in their bonnet’ regarding subcontracting, and specifically about the delivery of sport related provision for young people delivered under subcontracting arrangements.

One Simple Measure from the ESFA – and it won’t Cost a Penny

Suspend #EPA! Whilst there has been widespread disappointment across the sector about @ESFAgov not guaranteeing profiled payment for providers – we cannot see any medium term benefit in that, especially as it comes with the sting in the tail of not being able to furlough staff, we have continually advocated one simple change which the ESFA could introduce quickly, would cost nothing, would indeed save money and would support learners, employers and progressions. 

There must be something wrong with Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

I am not going to get into a debate about whether there should have been an explosion in the number of L3, L5, L6 and L7 – Leadership and Management Apprenticeships, if it is where the levy should be spent, if the volumes of people undertaking them are appropriate and indeed if we, the Public Purse, should be funding MBA and Degree Level Management Qualifications at all. 


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