Articles from Demetrius Harrison

Extended Reality XR improves focus & physical activity for distance learners

Has the new normal of technologically packed classrooms turned out to distract students more than it's helping?

Can a Growth Mindset Improve Your Grades?

A growth mindset pushes you to think optimistically - and if you dream it, you can do it. Transitioning into distance learning has been difficult for many students, decreasing the amount of interest they have in education altogether. As a result, teachers and parents are fearful their students' grades may suffer. However, having a growth mindset about education - specifically distance learning - can dramatically improve the students' situation.

The Best Cybersecurity Tips For Distance Learning

As students and teachers spend more time online under COVID-19 precautions, they become more susceptible to hacking attempts. Since home networks do not provide the increased firewalls protections institutions do, the results of at-home Internet attacks can be far more catastrophic. When navigating the web to conduct research, complete homework, and participate in online lectures, the best safety net students and teachers have are their passwords. Here's a bit of background.

#BeyondTomorrow - The Future of Colleges Following COVID-19

Due to the Coronavirus outbreak, 1 in 6 young people who planned on attending university in the fall are now rethinking that decision. On top of the financial burden COVID-19 has placed on students, many are also suffering from the psychological effects of the pandemic.

Top 3 Tips For Enhancing Home Learning

Adapting to remote school is difficult. 76% of students report being in lower spirits than before the pandemic, and more than 8 in 10 parents are struggling to keep their children engaged. Teachers are worried too - concerned the learning adjustment will place academic challeneges upon their students. However, when learning is fun, it's easy to get kids engaged. Here's how educators and parents can work together so students can still learn and thrive.