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Portland College Annual Awards Day Celebrates Success

On Wednesday, @PortlandCollege held their annual Awards Day, a day of celebration of the last academic year and the achievements that learners and citizens have made.

Portland College Helps to Feed Those Most in Need

As a charity itself, @PortlandCollege knows the impact that COVID-19 is having on the ability for charities to raise much needed funds for vital causes. That’s why they are lending a helping hand to those most in need during the pandemic.

Portland College Gets in the 'Communitree' Spirit

Having a 32 acre woodland campus has so many benefits for our learners @PortlandCollege, including enabling them to really develop their creative skills.

Portland College's Jess utilises her music technology to enjoy her time at home

Being in lockdown hasn’t stopped @PortlandCollege learner Jess enjoying her music, in fact, it’s meant she’s been able to spend more time developing her skills.


In times of crisis it’s important for communities to pull together and support each other wherever they can, and @PortlandCollege is doing just that.


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@ERSA_CEO @apprenticelsbu @Edu4sj_lsbu @milton_damian @QLMentoring @EdDavie @NancyDoylePsych @HWLambeth Fears ‘lost…
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