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How are college estates reacting to today's changing real estate environment?

David Hutber @irwinmitchell discusses the major changes to Property Law that could impact the FE Sector Covid-19 has brought in major changes to property law, which though mostly temporary in nature, will affect many landlords and tenants in the short term. Longer term the government is pushing for the UK to be more environmentally friendly; with real estate playing a major part in those plans. And we have Brexit, which although partially forgotten because of the pandemic, affects every sector including real estate.

Long Covid – the implications for FE employers

@Helen_IMHRplus from @IrwinMitchell discusses the #LongCovid implications for FE Employers  Official UK data suggests nearly 10% of people with Covid still have symptoms 12 weeks after infection. And, there's anecdotal evidence that some people are still suffering from debilitating health issues months after being infected. Danny Altmann, a professor of immunology at Imperial College London, has said the picture is concerning. “These figures are somewhat more worrying even than many had feared. If one extrapolates to global Covid-19 cases, this means there are 5-10 million people out there with a long-term condition for which we have no current explanation and no treatment plan,” he said, adding there was no information on how long the condition lasts.

Has the Regulator refused to authorise mass daily Covid testing in schools and colleges?

DfE asked schools and Colleges in England to get ready for daily mass Covid testing before Christmas Just before Christmas, the DfE asked secondary schools and colleges in England to get ready for daily mass Covid testing. It started sending out tests in the first week of January and published guidance, precedent letters and training materials to help them prepare. We can't find any confirmed data which sets out how many schools and colleges have started testing, but are aware that many have done so.  

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