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Mind the knowledge gap: Understanding the contribution of ACE

A new @FETforL report asks what we can learn from the successes of Skills for Life and urges FE policymakers to build on the lessons of the past The Skills for Life strategy, which engaged 14 million people in adult literacy and numeracy and supported the achievement of 8 million qualifications in England between 2001 and 2011, is probably the most prominent example of policy success in this area in recent years. Nevertheless, low levels of literacy and numeracy in the adult population continue to present an enormous problem to further education policy.

Genuinely level up by giving skills powers to local areas, says think tank

New research from think tank @wearenewlocal and @FETforL finds: Local areas and their communities could transform skills and training in England and should be given the powers and resources to do so The current centrally led skills system will increasingly struggle to cope with challenges posed by Covid-19, Brexit, automation and a changing global economy.

EDSK & FETL Report; Further consideration: The role of FE colleges in the post-Augar education system

New Report from EDSK (@EDSKthinktank) and FETL (@FETforL) FE colleges should be required to break their different functions into separate institutions that have their own distinctive brand and identity, according to a new report from EDSK and FETL

The Unseen Strategic Leader: The governance professionals’ place and their resource needs in facilitating effective governance

A new paper from @FETforL considers the nature of governance in FE and asks how governance professionals can be supported in ensuring more effective governance  The Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) has published a new report which considers the role of governance in improving organisational performance and teaching and learning outcomes and makes a number of recommendations as to how its potential contribution to a successful, selfimproving FE system can be realised.

Blame or betterment: Improving regulation and oversight in the FE system

A new paper from FETL reviews the impact of the regulatory system in further education, and asks how it can improve  The Further Education Trust for Leadership (FETL) has published a third report in its series on shame and shaming and their impact on further education leadership. While the previous reports looked, respectively, at shame in organisational life and the impact of shame on individual leaders, this report explores the regulatory system within which providers operate and asks whether the prevailing system, with its tendency to focus blame on institutions and individuals, is conducive to sector improvement, and, ultimately, better teaching and learning.

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