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Professionalising skills and competencies in counter bribery and corruption

Keeping the public and businesses safe can take many forms, from policing the streets, to tackling cyber-crime. Several public sector services have a duty to improve safety and security for citizens, as well as businesses and entire industries.

Recognising the importance of fostering a lifelong learning culture has never been more vital

While continuous learning should long be considered by all organisations to be as fundamental for every staff member’s development as any other part of their role, if it was not before the pandemic, it most certainly should be today.

Embedding broad educational ‘stairways’ are key to post-16 education reform

Valuing progression and achievement for all  In my thirty years of working across vocational education and training in the UK, there has never been a more pivotal time for us to strengthen the entire post-16 system of today, to provide the right, relevant and diverse opportunities for lifelong learning for everyone beyond tomorrow. However, as highlighted by last week’s level 2 and level 3 qualification results, if the government’s welcome commitment to ‘levelling-up’ the nation is to truly help us build back better skills, better jobs and a brighter future for our workforce, the ‘Skills and Post-16 Education Bill’ must be underpinned by well-planned and demonstrable flexible progression routes, and most crucially, supported by significant investment.

Now is the time for apprenticeships to shine and help us build back better

The annual report from the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Apprenticeships (@ApprenticeAPPG) this week calls on government to increase up take and improve delivery of apprenticeships, as well as ensure better access to apprenticeships for both learners and employers.

New Tall Building Fire Safety X SFJ Awards training partnership improving standards & saving lives

A new partnership between Tall Building Fire Safety Limited (@fire_tall) and SFJ Awards (@SFJAwards) is enabling stakeholders to remain compliant and competent, improving public safety for years to come.

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