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Why HR Compliance and Wellbeing matter

Key HR and Wellbeing topics are more important than ever to reassure employees that they are supported and championed at work. HR Managers in education have become a crucial part of steering staff through these unprecedented times. Taking a people-led approach and reassuring employees that their safety and wellbeing is paramount, is necessary to navigate this pandemic. Educational establishments that successfully support their staff will not only see greater levels of motivation and productivity but will be in a much stronger position on the other side of the pandemic.

Educational establishments need to follow the same food safety laws as every other business when it comes to food

Make food safety training a piece of cake  Food is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We don’t just eat to survive - food is often at the centre of our routines, celebrations, comforts, connections and our health. This is why it’s paramount that food is kept safe at all times and handled with the greatest care from farm to fork. Any organisation (including educational establishments) that sells, cooks, stores, handles, prepares, transports or distributes food must comply with food safety legislation to ensure that food never causes harm to those who consume it. Legal compliance is also necessary for ensuring your reputation isn’t damaged, and preventing fines or legal action. The Coronavirus pandemic should not cause schools, colleges and universities to lose sight of the key food safety measures and hygiene practices that must be woven into the fabric of their daily conduct.  

It’s time to address the elephant in the room: iHASCO launches brand new course to help anxiety management

@iHASCO, a market-leading provider of eLearning, has launched a brand new course to help with Managing Anxiety. The company, who provide essential workplace health, safety and compliance training have extended their popular range of wellbeing courses to include this new title.


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