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Tackling the Mental Health Crisis through Adult Learning

Meeting the Mental Health Needs of Adult Learners  The WEA is a national adult education charity committed to removing barriers to learning so that individuals can improve their own life chances and have a positive impact within their communities. Students sign up to WEA courses for a wide variety of reasons, including for some as a means of alleviating symptoms of mental ill-health.

Preventing a Mental Health Crisis through ‘More Jobs’ and ‘Better Quality Jobs’

A Health Crisis, a Jobs Crisis... a Mental Health Crisis?  What a difference a year can make! The start of 2020 saw employment at a record high and rising, while youth unemployment continued to fall. Just 12 months later, the scale of the economic fallout of the pandemic economic fallout of the pandemic is becoming increasingly clear: employment is falling and unemployment is rising, the claimant count has more than doubled since March 2020, and young people have been particularly hard hit, with 200,000 fewer 16–24-year-olds in work than a year ago. As the Chancellor expressed during his recent Spending Review “Our health emergency is not yet over. And our economic emergency has only just begun.”

Organising to Reduce Workplace Stress

Workplace Stress If you have an interest in mental health and the workplace, chances are you'll have heard the word 'resilience' thrown around. Resilience, we are told, allows us to harden ourselves to stress and anxiety. You may be familiar with employer-sponsored stress-busting initiatives like mindfulness, exercise or even pet therapy. While none of these activities is a problem per se, the overall approach is. Let me explain why.

Changing ‘Work for the Better’ through a New Focus on Mental Health

Permanent Changes to the Way We Work  The past year has been a big challenge for everyone as Covid-19 threatened health and livelihoods. While lockdowns and social distancing are temporary, changes to where and how we work could be permanent. The most discussed change has been the huge expansion of flexible working, leading some to question whether this crisis will mark the end of offices as we knew them.

Minimising the Mental Health Crisis through Job Creation and Employment

The Employability Sector  The Employment Related Services Association (ERSA) is the representative body for the employment support sector. Poor mental health is a significant and all-too-common barrier to finding employment. Our members see at first-hand the impact poor mental health has in preventing people accessing employment.

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