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Dealing with communication challenges within the project team

When it comes to the workplace, problems with communication can result in a very negative impact on the morale of your project team, their productivity and any working relationships that exist between departments. If this type of attitude remains unchecked any communications problems that exist can have a negative effect on profits, whilst also increasing costs and leading to errors that can have a negative impact on the public image of the company.

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Aquayemi Akinsanya shared a photo. yesterday

Instagram live not to be missed. February 28th at 19:30 GMT  to discuss about The Claudes SEN Law | Reform In UK Education System.

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 ‘Young people are in danger of giving up on their futures and on themselves’

New @princestrust survey finds 1 in 4 young people feel ‘unable to...
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The figures are from a survey of 2,000 16 to 25 year olds, the first of its kind, conducted by the polling and research consultancy Comres on behalf... Show more