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NEW Training Course for Employees and Managers Will Help Equalise Access to Mental Health Support

UK healthcare provider, Vita Health Group (@vitahealthuk), has launched a unique course to help improve and equalise access to mental health support for workers across the UK. The Mental Health Advocacy course has been designed by a team of experienced clinicians for all types of workers across the UK, including small businesses, employees at SMEs, consultants and the self-employed. Delegates will learn to recognise and positively respond to the signs and symptoms of common mental health conditions, and effectively guide their colleagues and co-workers towards the right support.

How to talk to someone who tells you they feel suicidal at work.

Suicide is that horrendous issue that we all know happens in the world, somewhere and to someone, but perhaps, fortunately for most, it’s a tragedy that doesn’t affect us directly.

Young people are turning to social media apps in bed to avoid emotions, new research suggests.

Young people are using social media apps in bed before they go to sleep to avoid facing difficult feelings and emotions, UK research suggests. 

Five ways stress is impacting you and how to overcome it

Stress… It’s a word on everybody’s lips these days, isn’t it?

Public Health England launches free Psychological First Aid training course for caregivers, to help protect children and young people

Public Health England (@PHE_uk) has launched a psychological first aid training course for anyone who works with or cares for children and young people aged up to 25.

#AntiRacismInAction : HE | Episode 3

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