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Soft Systems Methodology: Puzzles and Organisations

You've heard of soft skills, but what is Soft Systems Methodology?  There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio,Than are dreamt of in your philosophy. - Hamlet One Sunday broadsheet holds a brief distraction for able mathematicians, though demanding more than thirty minutes in my case, and occasionally not completed at all.

Unravelling Academic History

Michael Benton’s 2019 paperback Dinosaurs Rediscovered holds numerous sketches and data on creatures which persisted and changed through three periods of the Mesozoic Era - the inspiration for several Hollywood blockbusters. The enormous Brontosaurus is well-known; but the 16-inch Anchiornis - displaying legs like a cowboy - is an equally interesting species. Head of Bristol University’s Paleobiology Research Group, Professor Benton tells readers that his chosen field is complex and fraught with arguments over classification, whether dinosaur, trilobite, or fossilised plant. His research helps resolve arguments over how creatures are related, their physical traits being crucial data.

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Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

Educating yourself in Prison: an inside job

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