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Workforce Management 101: What are the Best Practices in a Gig economy?

Freelancing makes up a massive portion of the workforce in 2021. The idea of providing independent services on the internet has been attracting workers for a long time. However, freelancing has been boosting up in popularity in the past couple of years due to lockdowns. 

Update your recruitment strategy to grow your business within a month

Finding good potential #talent is a primary challenge for any small business. When the economy is growing and the level of the unemployment rate is at historic lows, getting the right workers can feel mostly impossible.

Going Global with your business? 4 things you need to consider

Why serve a small domestic market when technology has made it almost effortless to reach prospective customers from anywhere on the planet? Going global with your business is the surest route to market expansion, asset diversification, and a stronger competitive edge over local competitors. It cushions your business from the effects of economic recession in one country by giving it a fighting chance in countries with higher purchasing and spending power. What’s more, going global helps you tap into a wider talent pool, improve your research and design power, and develop a strong innovation engine, all of which betters your product offerings and, consequently, diversifies your revenue channels.

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