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Why Social Justice in University Matters

It is the century of social justice. We live in a world led by universities. But in many parts of it, women cannot attend school. We live in a world where there is enough food to feed everybody. But starvation is hard on Africa and Asia. We live in a world where sexuality is celebrated. But homophobic communities persist. We live in a world where women are liberated and peace celebrated. But rape escalates as a tool of war. 

The Devastating Impact of Coronavirus on Students

#MentalHealthAwarenessWeek - Will life return to normal now that Coronavirus vaccines are available? Probably not. 

How is Artificial Intelligence Challenging the Translation Industry?

Language is perhaps the most defining factor of humankind. What makes humans different from other animals on the planet is our ability to speak out and communicate via framed words and sentences. The language of a population is one of the most defining factors across countries and nationalities, regions, and cultures. It can define the history, sociocultural situation, and even geographic diversity.

Everything You Should Know About CARES Act for College Students in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has significantly changed lots of aspects of our lives (not for the better) and is still raging. Some of the most vulnerable groups of people who suffered the effects of lockdowns rather than the coronavirus itself are people who do blue-collar and social jobs.

#AntiRacismInAction : HE | Episode 3

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