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With so much great work going on in FE how does the sector amplify and share?

The FE Show with SJ White - @WeAreJoyFM #EveryoneInEducation    Opening the show this week was co host Ellise with her inspirational story of the power of technology and her eye gaze suite.

How to amplify maths more and celebrate the wins

The Schools Show with Sammy White - @WeAreJoyFM #EveryoneInEducation  SJ covered for Daren this week on the schools show and was joined by James from

Pioneering in your FE organisation

The FE Show with Dave Leonard - @WeAreJoyFM #EveryoneInEducation     Last week Dave chatted to Ben about the importance of informal CPD and seeking support outside your organisation if you are in a solo role.   Dave is joined by Ben Whitaker (not that one, the other one) to look at the importance of support groups for those of us working in education with unique roles in our organisations. They discuss the pros and cons of virtual versus live conferences and even manage to find common ground in the battle between Google and Microsoft in educational establishments. There's also another visit to Horner's Corner, and an ever so slightly NSFW cryptic edtech quiz.

EdTech at any age

The Schools Show with Daren White - @WeAreJoyFM #EveryoneInEducation  In this episode Daren talks to Graham Macaulay & Cheryl Shirley from LEO Academy Trust about TES Awards, Primary tech and more

Taking Family leave whilst working in further education

The FE Show with SJ White - @WeAreJoyFM #EveryoneInEducation    Last week SJ chatted to Heen and Kayte about their experiences of taking maternity leave whilst working in further education.

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