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For two decades female programmers dominated the coding scene

#EdTech and closing the coding gender gap  A default assumption about the lack of gender diversity in STEM subjects, such as coding and computer science, is that it always existed. Historic data shows this isn’t the case.

How can EdTech companies work together to combat the looming global education crisis?​

The world is facing a code red for children’s education. As the World Bank’s report ‘Ending learning poverty’ notes, education is: “…foundational for countries’ growth, productivity, and development; for individual and family incomes and welfare; for improved health outcomes; for active participation in civics and political life; for social cohesion; and for active participation of individuals and societies in the global economy.”

Google-backed Edtech - Cuemath - Makes Curriculum Free to Help Solve Three of the World's Biggest Challenges

Award-winning curriculum made free to all, across the world, for a year Cuemath, a global online math learning platform backed by Google, announces a radical strategic move to make much of its curriculum free to all users - for a full year - to help solve three of the world’s biggest challenges.

EdTech comes of age and brings inclusivity to the classroom

This month’s A Level and GCSE results highlighted #EdTech’s true scope and potential, as the future of education  Not only did the results prove how EdTech has complemented traditional teaching in the last 18 months - allowing schools to cope with the unprecedented challenges of the pandemic - but also how EdTech has reinvented the way students learn and teachers teach.

How one-to-one online learning will disrupt the education industry

The past 18 months has redefined what we perceived as normal - particularly in the education sector where children have struggled to cope with their course curriculums.  Last April, a World Economic Forum report suggested 1.2 billion children, globally, had to attend virtual classrooms due to the pandemic. Whilst the UK saw its students move to an online learning system, reports of the loss of learning, particularly by children studying in the public school system, raised concerns.

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