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The FE Professionalism War is over: now we win the peace…

The extent to which professions and professionalism have always been mutable, subject to power relations, and intrinsically contested; is illustrated by the changing role of barbers between the medieval to the Georgian period. Before the year 1000 they were known by the name barbi-tonsorbius (due to their role in cutting monks’ funky hair-dos); and they undertook minor surgery - including tooth extraction, the lancing of boils, and bloodletting… thank God for our wonderful NHS.

How Grimm is Further Education?

Once upon a time…

Let’s not go back to ‘normal’, let’s connect – the future of FE pedagogy is blended!

I have very few photographs from my childhood. Although my parents owned a camera, they only took photos to record special occasions and a roll of film could last a year before being developed.

Preparing FES teachers and trainers to ‘teach well’ in a digital world

An open letter to the Secretary of State for Education   Dear Secretary of State,

What will Covid-19 mean for Technology Enhanced Learning in our beloved FE sector?

The Reality of FE #TEL Post-Covid-19: Thoughts from the bike by an FE Teacher Educator  What will Covid-19 mean for TEL (Technology Enhanced Learning) in our beloved FE sector? Well the truth is, no one really knows.

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