Articles from Emma-Louise Jones

Only 57% of employees always check their payslips

Millions of UK workers may be at risk of being underpaid or overtaxed because they don’t regularly check their payslips, according to the results of a new survey.

83% of the UK’s most popular jobs have a gender pay gap

Analysis by CIPHR (@CIPHRHRSoftware) reveals that eight out of ten of the UK’s most popular job roles, employing 100,000 people or more, have a gender pay gap in favour of men.

Only 41% of workers think they’re paid ‘what they are worth’, survey shows

A new survey by HR software provider CIPHR (@CIPHRHRSoftware) suggests that most people don’t believe they’re being paid what they think ‘they are worth’ to do their current jobs. And, perhaps unsurprisingly, the longer it’s been since they last received a pay rise – then the more inclined they are to feel this way.

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