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Education Unions Write to Gavin Williamson About Teacher Pay, Career Progression and Retention

Despite the serious and deepening teacher recruitment and retention problems, acknowledged by the STRB, the Government proposes an increase of only 2.75% in teacher pay in England from September. 

Local Authority Maintained Nursery Schools in England to lose 30% of their budget

Nursery School Closures Unless Government changes course, all Local Authority Maintained Nursery Schools (MNS) in England will lose on average 30% of their budget by September 2020.

The Independent Commission on Malpractice in the Examination System

The Independent Commission on Malpractice chaired by Sir John Dunford Since its launch in July 2018, Sir John Dunford’s Independent Commission into Malpractice, has considered evidence from a wide range of educational organisations, sector leaders and government bodies. 

Academic pressure is a significant factor affecting the #MentalHealth of young people

Young People’s Mental Health

Reformed #GCSEs are damaging the #MentalHealth of young people, and failing to accurately reflect their abilities

On the eve of this year’s GCSE results, the National Education Union (NEU) has carried out a snapshot poll of members about their perceptions of how recent reforms to the qualifications have impacted on the students they teach.