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UK Regional Labour Market Outlook: Evaluating 2020 and Anticipating 2021

The year 2020 was quite unlike any we have ever experienced, and the effects of the Covid-19 crisis and numerous restrictions placed on millions of people will be with us throughout 2021 and long into the future. In terms of the economy, the country experienced the most dramatic curtailment of economic activity on record, with vast numbers of businesses having to close for a number of months, and in some cases, whole industries grinding to a halt with millions of workers placed on furlough.

The Growth in Demand for Remote Workers in 2020

In our last Shedding Light on the Labour Market of 2020, we're going to look at one of the most striking consequences to have occurred through the imposition of Lockdown - that of working from home.

The Fastest Growing Demand for Lower Skilled Jobs Across the Seven CAEHRS Regions

In the last installment of Shedding Light on the Labour Market, @EMSI_UK looked at which skills have seen the biggest percentage growth throughout this year.

The Fastest Growing Skills in the Four Nations of the United Kingdom

In the last Shedding Light on the Labour Market, @EMSI_UK look at job postings from the perspective of regional employer demand. 

Changing Employer Hiring Activity Throughout the Year Across the Country

In our last Shedding Light on the Labour Market, we looked at employer job postings since the initial Lockdown restrictions were lifted in June, in terms of demand for particular occupations. In this piece, we again look at job postings, but this time from the perspective of regional employer demand. We do this using our Job Posting Analytics (JPA), which harvests employer hiring from across tens of thousands of job boards across the country. Whilst by no means a perfect measure of employer demand, it does give us a good sense of where hiring activity is taking place.

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