To upload any content you must be logged in to FE News.

There are two ways to upload video content to FE News, either as a stand alone video that is linked to your FE News profile, or embedded within the text of an article,.

Super fast Video Upload:

1.On the FE Video tab drop down to Add a Video
Screen Shot Add a Video2
2.Then click the red Add Video button
Screen Shot Add Video
3.Then paste your video url into the pop-up box (see below)
4. Choose category, general is fine.
5. Finally click the link video button!
Screen Shot Video upload2

If you have a video you would like to embed into one of your articles, follow these steps:

Once you have logged in to FE News click here to upload your videos,

1. For non-exclusive content select Sector News.
2. Create a title for your article.
3. Include a cover image of the video, either a screenshot of the video, or another 750x570px image.
4. Add the Youtube or Vimeo Url to the article text to embed the video.
5. Add your Meta data. You can just cut and paste a relevant paragraph of your text.
6. Tick to confirm that you have permission to upload your content.
7. Hit save, job done!
It can take upto 48hrs for video articles to be approved.
Don't forget to use the social share buttons to maximise your video's exposure. Find them under the title of your article and use them to automatically upload your content to all your social networks, including Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn!

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